Friday, December 31, 2010

Toys in my Kitchen

hello! Meet the new member of my kitchen. I had been pining for this for a few years now I finally have a food processor that can handle more than just mincing garlic, which I rather just chop manually.

Once upon a time, I had a $15 food processor that I used less than 5 times residing in the back of my kitchen cabinet. Whenever I used it I get frustrated because of the capacity (can't be more than 2 cups), the power, and the construction (it leaked terribly). It sat in the cabinet for years, and when we moved to our new house, I put it in the donation pile.

Why did I buy it in the first place? Well, I wanted to make pineapple tarts, but didn't want to grate the pineapples manually so I thought a good processor would ease and speed up the work. But Mr. was with me when I was shopping for one and he reasoned the cheap instrument works just as good as the more expensive ones, that's not the first time he has said that when it comes to me getting kitchen equipments or anything. I didn't put up a fight and regretted it the moment I used it. It was too small to handle the job, leaked around the seams. Long story short, it would be easier and quicker if I grated the pineapple by hand.

from left to right:
VitaMix Blender, KitchenAid food processor and mixer

I have been slowly acquiring kitchen equipments that I won't curse when I use them. I do my research from Consumer Reports to customers review, to make sure they are worthy to take up the limited real estate in my kitchen. And while we can't afford All Clad and Viking, I believe buying the best that one can afford will save one repairs to the walls, windows, or the floor in the future.

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quizzine said...

I think we have exactly the same KA mixer!! Mine is black too - cos it was the only colour on promotion then!