Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Fancy Diamond

I knitted a Kiri a while ago, my first lace shawl. However, in my excitment to get it finished and blocked, I put it in the washer with a little detergent in the pre-soaked cycle and it came out felted. My heart dropped when I saw it and tried my best to get it back to shape but it's still in its shrunken state. I told a lady at my LYS about my plight, she suggested soaking the shawl in water and LOADS of detergent and reblock it by stretching it out. I still haven't try this yet. Anyone out there has used her method?

This time when I blocked my newly finished Diamond Fantasy Scarf/Shawl, I used the steam from the iron to relax the wool. I think it works great! From pinning the shawl down to having it dried took less than 2 hours. So I am now a proud owner of a DFS.

This pattern calls for 6 repeats for a scarf and 10 repeats for shawl; I did 7 repeats and I am glad I did. One more repeat would require me to get more yarn, and one less repeat would make DFS too small for my liking. To finish this shawl, the designer uses I-cord edging which took [me] a long time but the results is totally worth it.

* Pattern : Diamond Fantasy Scarf/Shawl by Sivia Harding
* Yarn : 1 Skein of Bare, Merino wool Fingering weight yarn from Knit Picks
* Needle : Ebay Bamboo 32" circular in 4.0mm, 5.0mm for I-cord Edging
* Started : August 2, 1006
* Ended : August 8, 2006


yarn_nut said...

Wow! Your white shawl is beautiful. Unfortunately I don't know how to unfelt something. Let us know if the detergent thing works.

crafty chica said...

i love the DFS shawl, it looks great! and about the felted one, you may not unfelt it but it is possible to give it a bit more shape with the yarn shop lady's suggest. try it out.

Jesse said...

Oh no! My sympathies about the felting. I hope you do manage to save the shawl to some degree.

opportunityknits said...

Your DFS is fabulous! Hope the Kiri can be stretched back

Coleen said...

That is really gorgeous! Nice job.

dorothée said...

Very nice white shawl !

Siow Chin said...

This shawl is beautiful! I'm once again tempted to knit this.