Friday, August 04, 2006


Needless to say, what I was knitting with my home dyed yarn is the famous Jaywalker by Grumperina. I am very surprised by how the sock turned out; very uniform stripe pattern. Note to self: the next time I dye, I want to achieve stripes like Vesper Self striping socks. I took a picture of Calla Lily Sock next to Jaywalker to compare the two. Sundara's yarn has more vibrant colors and they shine whereas Kool-Aid creates muted colors.

hehe, you can see stitch holder and knitting needles because I don't have tapestry needle to finish them. But do not worry, the tapestry needles should be here next week.

Even though I knit the two socks with the same US1 Addi turbo, cast on 76 stitchs for Jaywalker, and cast on 63 stitches for Calla Lily Socks, Jaywalker is tighter on my foot. Was it the pattern or the yarn? Oh, another downside of my Jaywalker, they are not superwash wool. I still have 2 skeins of undyed yarn from which I might exchange for their new dyeable sock yarn that are machine washable. Then I won't have to worry about them felting.

I started on another project this week. Look at it.

Why did I start on this? Because I want to have this. I cannot get over how beautiful it is. I need to have one! But what I am knitting now is a test run. I am making this Diamond Fantasy Shawl by Sivia Harding with Knit Picks Sock yarn which is only $3.99 for 440 yarns of soft merino yarn. Nothing can beat that price! Besides, I have already wind up the skein into a ball, there's not way I can do a return or exchange. So why not put it in good use?

Before I forget, a few of you asked about the flavors I used for my yarn dyeing. Here is the list:

Deep Red - Black Cherry + Grape
Pink - Pink Lemonade
Green - Lemon Lime
Orange - Orange
Yellow - Lemonade

This is a better resource. Hope you have as much fun playing with Kool-Aid as I did.


Emma said...

Kool-Aid dyeing is awesome. Both socks look gorgeous!

opportunityknits said...

Lovely koolaid socks. The jaywalkers are very "lily pulitzer" and the purple green one is very striking, unusual but gorgeous, sophisticated combination of the colours.

Donna said...

I think it's the pattern that makes the Jaywalkers tighter. You've done an excellent job with the dyeing!

Random Knits

dorothée said...

Very nice socks ! I like your shawl too.